Our crew consists of an eclectic group of talented filmmakers, writers, naturalists, conservationists, photographers, and technicians. Every member devotes their skills to specific roles, equating to a team that is creative, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the message.



RON Ydenberg - Executive Producer

Ron Ydenberg is the Director of the Centre for Wildlife Ecology and Professor of Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University, and Vice-President of Pacific WildLife Foundation. His research interests focus on the behaviour and ecology and animals and plants many of which inhabit the Salish Sea.

ROB BUTLER - PRODUCER, Executive Producer

Dr. Rob Butler has lived his entire life around the Salish Sea. He is an internationally recognized scientist, author of two popular books, and he is an artist. He co-founded of the Pacific WildLife Foundation and the Young Naturalists Club of BC. He is a Fellow International of The Explorers Club, and a Fellow Royal Canadian Geographic Society, and the American Ornithologists Union, an Outstanding Alumnus of two universities, and Signature Member of Artists for Conservation. He is also an adjunct professor of biology and has held executive positions in several science and conservation non-profits. 'Returning' is his second documentary film.



Mike McKinlay was born and raised in British Columbia.  During his 15 years as a Director of Photography Mike's film subjects have varied from social and politically inspired films to wildlife and West Coast culture. As an award winning filmmaker Mike has specialized mainly in documentary work - traveling abroad as both a cameraman and a director. Mike has also had the opportunity to work within the genres of both the corporate and commercial world as a director of photography, operating under the umbrella of a vast array of big budget Vancouver based companies and broadcasters. Check out his website at www.mikemckinlay.com



As an editor, videographer, graphics editor and post production supervisor George has worked for numerous clients since 2001.  Some of these clients have included the National Film Board of Canada, Microsoft, Nature Trust of BC and the Wilderness Committee. Naturally his career has spawned from a culmination of his artistic interests. George has covered many genres of video editing and graphics and has contributed to 3 Leo award winning documentaries. One of his current/recent projects include editor for a feature length documentary on Nelson Mandela.



Mark Lazeski is a powerfully creative composer and sound designer. His compelling and unique compositions can be heard in many internationally syndicated TV series such as The L Word (Showtime), Arctic Air (CBC), The Dead Zone (USA Network), True Life (MTV) and Continuum (Showcase/SYFY) to name a few. His music has been placed into over 50 different network television series as well as several feature films and TV movies. In recent years he has composed music for many documentary shorts, nature films and art films created for National Geographic, Knowledge Network, The Wilderness Committee and several independent filmmakers. He’s also a highly coveted resource for several boutique ad agencies and video production houses creating sound design and musical scores for high end brands such as Slack, Hootsuite, SAP, Air Canada, McLaren Racing, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Fiske Wheels and Bazinga.



Pacific WildLife Foundation & The Explorers Club

Tom Middleton, Ron Ydenberg, Rod MacVicar, Ruth Foster - (PWLF)

Greg Wood, Hollie Wood Oysters

Michael Mcnamara, Blue Sky Design

Joe Gaydos, Seadoc Society 

Phil Green & Robin Stanton, The Nature Conservancy of Washington

Derek Moore, BC Parks

Brian Kingzett, Stephanie Richards & Jason Lloyd, Vancouver Island University

Doug Janz & Cheney Jackson, Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Foundation

Doug Christopher, Steven Godfrey & Sean Pendergast, The Nature Trust of BC

James Harry

Hornby Island Farmers Market

Linda McKinlay, Shirley Meyer and John Farquhar, Pender Harbor

Kate Rubin and Paddy Crawford, 

Brian Brett

Kamala Todd

Josh Humbert